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Das Leben der Anderen

Deutschland 2004/2005 Spielfilm


The Lives of Others

East Berlin, November 1984. Five years before its downfall, the former East-German government ensured its claim to power with a ruthless system of control and surveillance. Party-loyalist Captain Gerd Wiesler hopes to boost his career when given the job of collecting evidence against the playwright Georg Dreyman and his girlfriend, the celebrated theater actress Christa-Maria Sieland.

After all, the “operation” is backed by the highest political circles. What he didn’t anticipate, however, was that submerging oneself into the world of the target also changes the surveillance agent. The immersion in The Lives of Others – in love, literature, free thinking and speech – makes Wiesler acutely aware of the meagerness of his own existence and opens to him a completely new way of life which he has ever more trouble resisting. But the system, once started, cannot be stopped. A dangerous game has begun...

A story from the heart of the East-German regime, The Lives of Others is an intensely gripping thriller and moving love story featuring some of Germany′s most internationally celebrated actors.

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH



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Script supervisor

Director of photography

Assistant camera

Still photography

Lighting design

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    • 28.10.2004 - 15.12.2004: Berlin und Umgebung
3758 m, 137 min
35mm, 1:2,35
Farbe, Dolby Digital
Censorship/Age rating:

FSK-Prüfung: 06.01.2006, 104804, ab 12 Jahre, feiertagsfrei


Kinostart: 23.03.2006;
Aufführung (DE): 13.02.2007, Berlin, IFF - German Cinema;
TV-Erstsendung (DE): 03.10.2008, ARD


  • Originaltitel (DE) Das Leben der Anderen
  • Verleihtitel (US) The Lives of Others



3758 m, 137 min
35mm, 1:2,35
Farbe, Dolby Digital

FSK-Prüfung: 06.01.2006, 104804, ab 12 Jahre, feiertagsfrei


Kinostart: 23.03.2006;
Aufführung (DE): 13.02.2007, Berlin, IFF - German Cinema;
TV-Erstsendung (DE): 03.10.2008, ARD


César 2008
  • Bester ausländischer Film
Academy Awards 2007
  • Oscar, Bester fremdsprachiger Film
Preis der deutschen Filmkritik 2007
  • Bester Darsteller
  • Beste Kamera
  • Bester Schnitt
  • Bestes Spielfilmdebut
IFF Rotterdam 2007
  • Publikumspreis
Europäischer Filmpreis 2006
  • Bestes Drehbuch
  • Bester Darsteller
  • Bester Film
Verband der Filmkritiker aus Los Angeles 2006
  • Bester fremdsprachiger Film
Bambi 2006
  • Bester Darsteller national
IFF Warschau 2006
  • Publikumspreis
Filmfestival Kopenhagen 2006
  • Darstellerpreis
  • Publikumspreis
Gilde der deutschen Filmkunsttheater 2006
  • Gilde-Filmpreis
Filmfest München 2006
  • Bernhard Wicki Filmpreis - Die Brücke - Friedenspreis des Deutschen Films
Deutscher Filmpreis 2006
  • Lola, Bestes Drehbuch
  • Lola, Bestes Szenenbild
  • Lola, Beste Kamera
  • Lola, Beste Regie
  • Lola, Bester Nebendarsteller
  • Lola, Bester Darsteller
  • Lola in Gold, Bester Spielfilm
Bayerischer Filmpreis 2006
  • Beste Nachwuchsregie
  • Bestes Drehbuch
  • Bester Darsteller
  • VGF-Preis
FBW 2006
  • Prädikat: besonders wertvoll