Claude Albert Heinrich



Claude Albert Heinrich was born in March 2006. In 2015, he played his first, smaller television role in three episodes of the series "Berlin Station", an American production, which was filmed in Germany. He then starred in the series "Binny und der Geist" ("Binny and the Ghost", 2016) and "Triple Ex" (2017) and had a small appearance in the Australian mystery drama "Berlin Syndrome" (2017). Sherry Hormann cast him in her tragicomedy "Wir lieben das Leben" (2018, TV) in a supporting role as the son of the main character (Petra Schmidt-Schaller).Heinrich played his first starring role in Nikias Chryssos' drama "A Pure Place", shot in late 2018, about two siblings abducted as toddlers and raised in a sect on a Greek island. In 2019, Heinrich starred alongside Mark Waschke, Christiane Paul and Fabian Hinrichs in the end-time mini series "8 Tage" produced by streaming service Sky. He played a further leading role in Hermine Huntgeburth's Udo Lindenberg biopic "Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding!" (release scheduled for early 2020), as Udo at a young age.

Also in 2020, Heinrich had a minor supporting role as 'The Unknown' in the third season of the highly acclaimed mystery series "Dark"; Stephan Lacant cast him in the Dresden "Tatort" episode "Die Zeit ist gekommen" (2020) as the son of a young couple with a criminal record; in Bjarne Mädel's award-winning "Sörensen hat Angst"(2020, TV) he was the son of a pedophile. Heinrich also played a leading role in Axel Ranisch's "Kalinka 08 - Melde dich bitte" (2020, TV), about a group of teenagers looking for a missing girlfriend.

In September 2021, the Coming-of-Age-film "Träume sind wie wilde Tiger" ("Dreams Are Like Wild Tigers", theatrical release: February 2022) premiered at the Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in which Heinrich was part of the main ensemble. A little later, in November 2021, "A Pure Place" was finally released theatrically.

Claude Albert Heinrich played his next leading role in Hans Christian Schmid's "Wir sind dann wohl die Angehörigen" ("We Are Next of Kin", 2022), which depicts the kidnapping of publicist Jan Philipp Reemtsma in 1996 from the perspective of his teenage son.