Leonard Scheicher was born on July 26 1992. From 2009 until 2011, he gathered his first experiences as a stage actor at the Münchner Kammerspiele. In 2012, he made his debut in front of the camera in an episode of the TV series "SOKO 5113". The same year, Scheicher was cast by Oskar Roehler for "Quellen des Lebens" ("Roots Of Life", 2013), in which he played the teenage son of  Moritz Bleibtreu's character. Next, he played a rebellious student in the dark tragicomedy "Finsterworld", which also starred Carla Juri, Christoph Bach and Ronald Zehrfeld. Leonard Scheicher currently studies acting at the Ernst Busch academy in Berlin.

From 2012 until 2016, he studied acting at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin. During that time, he performed in stage productions at the Berliner Ensemble and the bat-Studiotheater. On TV, he starred in the romantic comedy "Das Romeo-Prinzip" (2015) and in Sherry Hormann's political thriller "Tödliche Geheimnisse" (2016).

After being one of the leads in the coming-of-age drama "Es war einmal Indianerland" ("Once Upon A Time In Indian Country", 2017), Scheicher starred in Lars Kraume's "Das schweigende Klassenzimmer" ("The Silent Revolution").