Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase

Deutschland 2020/2021 Spielfilm


Film adaptation of the bestseller of the same name by Maxim Leo and Jochen Gutsch. The successful writer Paul and the sought-after dubbing artist Emilia were what their friends considered an absolute dream couple: Harmonious, happy, successful, with three charming children named Bo, Marie and Fe. But now, in their late 40s, their relationship plunges into a crisis when Paul and Emilia realize that they belong to the 'older ones' - young are suddenly only the others. While Emilia has a one-night-stand with the younger Ruben and wants to take a break from her relationship in order to throw herself into life once again, Paul feels like a deer caught in the headlights. The peculiar advice of his friends Theo and Jonathan is of no help, and when his new book is rejected by the publisher as "hopeless", he threatens to fall into depression. Finally, he starts an affair with his daughter's young teacher, but even that doesn't lift his spirits. When Paul and Emilia run into each other at a friend's birthday party, things escalate.


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  • Originaltitel (DE) Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase



Farbe, Dolby

Kinostart (DE): 28.10.2021