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Jonas Nay was born in Lübeck on September 20 1990. Developing an early interest in acting, he took part in an audition in 2004 and was cast in the TV series "4 gegen Z". Following more TV appearances, he was offered the lead role in the made-for-TV drama "Homevideo. The film about a teenager who is blackmailed and mobbed by his classmates won numerous awards, while Nay's performance garnered him the Förderpreis des deutschen Fernsehpreises and the Günter-Strack-Fernsehpeis.

After turns in the TV crime dramas "Die Ballade von Cenk und Valerie" and "Todesschütze", he made his debut in a theatrical release with David Dietl's "König von Deutschland" ("King of Germany"). In 2013 he played a 16-year old murder supect in "Nichts mehr wie vorher" (2013, TV).

He then starred in Rolf Roring's "Dear Courtney" (2014) as a boy who wants to impress the girl of his dreams with a self-composed song, which eventually ends up being stolen by US grunge rockers Nirvana. Nay got rave reviews and won the award for Best Newcomer at the 2014 Bavarian film Award for his performance as the son of mentally ill man in "Hirngespinster", and he was one of the leads in the acclaimed drama "Wir sind jung. Wir sind stark", which opened the 2014 Hofer Filmtage and was released theatrically in January 2015.