Eupen, Belgien


Jasmin Schwiers was born August 11, 1982, in Eupen, Belgium. She made her TV debut in 1994 in a role in an episode of the RTL TV series "Die Wache". She then played key supporting roles in TV productions such as "School"s Out" (1997) and the episodes "Bestien" (2001) and "Romeo und Julia" (2002) of the "Tatort" crime series. Schwiers then became popular with her role in the RTL comedy series "Ritas Welt" where she played the daughter of Rita, the main character, from 1999 to 2001.

In 1999, Schwiers made her debut on the big screen in the comedy "Alles Bob" ("All About Bob"). One year later, Schwiers starred alongside Daniel Brühl in the teen movie "Schule" ("No More School") that was well received by critics and moviegoers alike. Schwiers then appeared in films as diverse as Joseph Vilsmaier"s drama Leo und Claire" ("Leo and Claire", 2001), Robert Schwentke"s Thriller "Tattoo" (2001), and the TV teen comedy "Endlich Sex!" (2003/2004). In Leander Haußmann"s comedic retrospection of military service in "NVA" (2005), Jasmin Schwiers played her first leading role on the big screen. This part also marked the breakthrough for her career: In the same year Schwiers won the "Lilli-Palmer-Gedächtnis-Kamera" at the "Goldene Kameras" awards. In 2007, she played a leading role in Marcus O. Rosenmüller"s TV thriller "Der fremde Gast". Schwiers followed up on that part with the female leading role in the drama "Lauf um Dein Leben – Vom Junkie zum Ironman" ("Run for Your Life – From Junkie to Ironman") alongside up-and-coming star Max Riemelt.