Kopenhagen, Dänemark


Sandro Lohmann was born in Copenhagen on December 2 1991. Raised in Germany, he made his acting debut in the 2000 TV movie "Der Kuß meiner Schwester" ("Kissing My Sister"). Eight years later, he had a memorable role in the drama "Guter Junge" ("A Good Boy"), followed by his first performance in a theatrical release in the historical epic "Die Päpstin" ("Pope Joan", 2009).

After playing the son of movie star Romy Schneider in the TV biopic "Romy" (2009), he was cast in a supporting role in Dominik Graf's miniseries "Im Angesicht des Verbrechens" ("In the Face of Crime", 2010). Following more prolific TV roles, he made his stage debut in the 2013 production of Neil Simon's "Eine ganz normale Familie" at the Komödie Berlin. Lohmann next got his first lead role in a theatrical release with "About a Girl" (2014), in which he plays the new friend of a suicide-prone teen girl.