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Marc Zwinz, born May 20, 1974, in Lübeck, worked as a game author for print magazines and radio stations while studying political science. In 1998, he started to study acting at "Ernst Busch" Schauspielschule in Berlin and successfully graduated four years later. Subsequently, he was employed at Nationaltheater Mannheim where he stayed for three years as a member of the cast. Besides, he also performed at Maxim-Gorki-Theater in Berlin and at Theater Lübeck. After the end of his engagement in Mannheim in 2005, Zwinz worked as a freelance actor.

In 2003, Zwinz made his debut on the movie screen in Stefan Krohmer"s satirical film "Sie haben Knut" ("They’ve Got Knut"). After a number of larger and smaller supporting roles on the movie screen and in TV productions, for instance, in Detlev Buck"s film "Knallhart" ("Tough Enough", 2006), and in Jan-Hinrik Drev"s film "Underdogs" (2007), Zwinz played a leading role on the movie screen in 2008 in Jovan Arsenic"s ensemble film "Helden aus der Nachbarschaft" ("Heroes from the Neighbourhood").