Saint-Doulchard, Frankreich


François Goeske, born March 18, 1989, in Saint-Doulchard, France, grew up in Munich and started his career at the age of nine years as a member of the children's choir at Munich's Bayerische Staatsoper. There, he performed as a soloist in several stage productions.

In 2001, Goeske made his debut on the movie screen in a small role alongside Oliver Korittke in "Der kleine Mann". After a supporting role in the new film version of Erich Kästner's "Das fliegende Klassenzimmer" ("The Flying Classroom", 2003), director Joseph Vilsmaier gave him the leading role in his mystical drama "Bergkristall" ("Rock Crystal", 2004). Goeske won the Kinder-Medien-Award White Elephant at the 2005 Munich Film Festival for his performance in the film and was also nominated for the 2005 Undine award.

One year later, Goeske won another nomination for the Undine award for his leading role in the romantic teenage comedy "Französisch für Anfänger" ("French for Beginners", 2006).

During the following years, Goeske mainly starred in TV productions, including appearances in the part of Jim Hawkins in the film version of "Die Schatzinsel" ("Treasure Island", 2007) and in the leading role in Wolfgang Panzer's war drama "Die Brücke" ("The Bridge", 2008), also starring Franka Potente.

In the late summer of 2009, François Goeske returned to the movie screen in the leading role of the coming-of-age story "Summertime Blues".

After guest-starring roles in the TV shows "SOKO Köln" and "Ein starkes Team", he had a memorable turn as one of three teens who violently abuse a female classmate in the acclaimed made-for-TV drama "Sie hat es verdient" (2010). In 2013, Goeske starred in two theatrical releases: He played a participant of a scavenger hunt gone wrong in the horror movie "Lost Place" and a school dropout who gets a job at a funeral home in the tragicomedy "Besser als nix".