Violetta Schurawlow

Angren, Usbekistan


Violetta Schurawlow was born in Angren, Uzbekistan on March 1 1986. Raised in Germany, she went on to study acting at the Theaterakademie Köln from 2012 to 2014.


After appearances in Til Schweiger's "Honig im Kopf" ("Head Full Of Honey" 2014) and Markus Goller's "Alles ist Liebe" (2014), she played a supporting role opposite Fahri Yardim and rap artist Sido in the comedy "Halbe Brüder" ("Half Brothers" 2015). Following turns in several TV productions and her role in the independent film "Berlin Neustadt" (2016), she was cast as the female lead in the thriller "Die Hölle – Inferno", which was released in January 2017. The same year, she also appeared in "Iceman – Die Legende von Ötzi". In addition to her acting career, Violetta Schuralow continues to work as a model.