Marburg an der Lahn


Nina Kronjäger, born February 26, 1967, in Marburg, attended actor’s training at Munich"s Otto Falckenberg school from 1986 to 1990. She then started her theatre career at Schauspielhaus Kiel and Schauspielhaus Zürich, among others. Kronjäger made her breakthrough performance as a movie actress in 1992, in a leading role in Katja von Garnier’s successful comedy "Abgeschminkt" ("Making Up"). Since then, Kronjäger mainly appeared in numerous TV movies, TV crimes series ("Stolberg", "Polizeiruf 110"), as well as in the TV series Serie "T.E.A.M. Berlin" (1998 to 2000). She also sporadically performed on stage, at Frankfurt’s Theater am Turn (1993 and 1995). Kronjäger’s best TV performances include the part of an anorexic woman in "Schlank bis in den Tod" (1997), a part alongside Katja Flint in "Vickys Alptraum" (1998), and the thrilller "Der Fußfesselmörder" ("Unforgiven", 2003). In 2005, Kornjäger was nominated for the German TV award and for a Grimme award for her performance in the ZDF TV movie "Typisch Mann". After playing a small supporting role in Oskar Roehler’s "Elementarteilchen" ("Elementary Particles"), Kronjäger starred in three movie productions in 2007: She played a doctor in the hospital satire "Die Aufschneider", an adventurous "woman about town" in the comedy "Stellungswechsel" ("Special Escort"), and the "forced wife" of a lonely kidnapper in the tragicomedy "Wir sagen Du! Schatz" ("Family Rules").