Lieber Thomas

Deutschland 2019-2021 Spielfilm


After directing films such as "Paths in the Night, Head under Water" and "Hedda", Andreas Kleinert has now turned his attention in his latest feature film to the life of the late German writer, poet, dramatist and filmmaker Thomas Brasch, whose texts about love, political revolt and death are in high esteem to this day.

"Lieber Thomas" shows the life and dreams of a man for whom every world was always too small, someone who overcame boundaries and caused damage in the process. Shot in b&w by Kleinert's regular collaborator Johann Feindt, the film lets the audience re-discover an artist who embodied the rift between the two Germanies like few before or after him.

The young Brasch is portrayed by Albrecht Schuch (Systemsprenger, "System Crasher") as somebody moving between wild radical and tormented intellectual, while Brasch in his later years is played by Peter Kremer ("Generation War").

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  • Arbeitstitel (DE) Brasch
  • Untertitel (DE) Über das Leben von Thomas Brasch
  • Originaltitel (DE) Lieber Thomas



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