Director, Miscellaneous


Klaus Marschall was born on July 20, 1961. His grandparents Rose and Walter Oehmichen founded the famous puppet theatre "Augsburger Puppenkiste" in 1948. In 1973, daughter Hannelore Marschall-Oehmichen and her husband Hanns-Joachim Marschall took over the management of the company. In the 1980s, their son Klaus also began his career in the family business, starting out as a puppeteer in televised stage productions. In 1991, he became a director as well.

Since 1992, Klaus Marschall runs the company, while his brother Jürgen is responsible for creating puppets. Under the brothers' management, the theatre celebrated its fifty-year anniversary in 1998. With Marschall at the helm, the Augsburger Puppenkiste continued to adapt its popular plays for TV, and produced the theatrical release "Die Story von Monty Spinnerratz" (1997). Marschall himself also directed a free stage adaptation of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" titled "Don Giovanni und der steinerne Gast" (2005).

In 2016, Marschall helmed the screen adaptation of "Die Weihnachtsgeschichte", the company's humorous take on the nativity tale.