Joy in Iran

Deutschland 2015-2018 Dokumentarfilm


"Joy in Iran" accompanies the roadshow of the artists Susie Wimmer, Andreas Schock and Moni Single from "Clowns Without Borders" to various Iranian aid organizations for orphans and street kids, hospitals, psychiatric clinics and refugee camps. The film recounts not only intense human encounters but also the almost unbelievable story of the Iranian tour guide Reza Abedini. Travelling with the German artists, the smart guy from Tehran becomes infected with the "clowns-virus" and – in the end – performs in front of his own people as a new born clown. "Joy in Iran" is a cinematic reflection about altruism and the healing power of humor and joy – in Iran and elsewhere on our planet. The film sketches a very human portrait of this controversial country which is again in the focus of worldwide media coverage.

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    • September 2015 - Oktober 2015: Deutschland, Iran


  • Weiterer Titel (DE) Clowns im Iran
  • Originaltitel (DE) Joy in Iran



Bahía Independent Cinema Festival Brasilien 2018
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