Mike Hoffmann was born in 1974. From 1996 until 2000, he attended the acting school Der Keller in Cologne. During that time, he already performed in stage productions at the Junge Ensemble in Düsseldorf, the Theater Der Keller and the Schauspiel Frankfurt. From 1999 until 2002, he was a company player at the Schlosstheater Moers. At the same time, he made his first TV appearances.

Hoffmann gained popularity as a cast member of the TV show "SOKO Köln", in which he played a police detective between 2003 and 2007. In 2008, he joined the TV show "Da kommt Kalle" and remained a cast until 2011. In addition to this, Hoffmann played explorer Roald Amundsen in the semi-documentary drama "Wettlauf zum Südpol" (2010), which was nominated for an International Emmy Award.

Hoffmann's TV career continued with memorable supporting roles in "Blonder als die Polizei erlaubt" (2013) and "Chuzpe - Klops braucht der Mensch!" (2015). He also guest-starred on numerous TV shows, including "In aller Freundschaft", "Die Pfefferkörner" and "Inga Lindström", and had a recurring role on "Sibel und Max".

Hoffmann appeared in the international releases "En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît" ("Come What May", FR/BE 2015) and "El jugador de ajedrez" ("The Chessplayer", ES 2017) before he got his first leading role in a theatrical release with "Ein Weg" ("Paths"), in which he and co-star Mathis Reinhardt play a gay couple whose relationship hits on hard times.


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