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Chico, Kalifornien, USA


Donovan Scott was born in California on 29 September 1947 and studied for two-and-a-half years at the American Conservatory Theater. He toured as an actor and, later, artistic director of a troupe before settling in Los Angeles in 1977. He has since acted for film and television appearing in such films as "1941" (Steven Spielberg,1979), "Police Academy" (Hugh Wilson, 1984), "Back To The Future" (Robert Zemeckis, 1985), "Jingle All The Way" (Bryan Levant, 1996). He came to directing on the 13-part series "The Gold Rush" for Artur Brauner"s CCC Television after the original director James Hill fell ill. He was then hired by Brauner to direct "The Children Of Captain Grant" (1996) in which he also appeared as an actor.

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