Weitere Namen
Artemis Chalkides (Weiterer Name)
Cast, Assistant director


Artemis Chalkidou, born in Aschaffenburg on 29th of February 1972, studied acting at the Otto-Falckenberg-Schule in Munich from 1993 to 1997. In the following years, she appeared on stage in theatres all over Germany, among them the Hebbel Theater in Berlin (1998), the Junges Theater Göttingen (1999), the Schauspielhaus Hamburg (2002-2003) and the Volksbühne in Berlin (2004). From 2008 through 2013, she was a member of the ensemble at the Centraltheater Leipzig (today: Schauspiel Leipzig).

In parallel to her stage career, she regularly starred in TV productions, e.g. in lead roles in the crime drama "Die Verbrechen des Prof. Capellari: Milenas Brüder" (2000) as well as in the crimes series "SK Kölsch" (episode: "Wachschutz", 2002) and "Die Sitte" (episode: "Auf gute Nachbarschaft", 2003). She also appeared in supporting roles in a number of other TV productions. During her time at the Centraltheater Leipzig, she only rarely took on TV work. Notable exceptions were "Polizeiruf 110 – Schatten" (2009) and "Ein Fall von Liebe – Saubermänner" (2011), both directed by Jorgo Papavassiliou, with whom she had collaborated before on a number of other occasions. Chalkidou's first lead role in a feature film was in Mascha Schilinski's award-winning drama "Die Tochter" ("Dark Blue Girl", 2017), in which she played the mother of a young girl who desperately tries to get in the way of her separated parents' reconciliation. The film was released in German cinemas in May 2018.