Nasser Asphalt

BR Deutschland 1958 Spielfilm
05:48 min
Production company
Inter West Film GmbH (Berlin)
Rights statement
DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum

The video shows the first five minutes of the film.

Film synopsis: Greg Bachmann, a young and avid reporter, is more than lucky to be able to work for the famous press mogul Cesar Boyd. Bachmann has just recently been released from prison and gratefully accepts the offer to become Boyd′s right-hand man. But after some time, Bachmann slowly manages to see through the façade of the news tycoon and he finds out that Boyd′s power is based on a giant fabric of lies. Then, one day, Boyd wants Bachmann to turn one of his bogus stories into a sensational cover story: Five german soldiers have allegedly survived six years in a Russian bunker. When Boyd tries to justify his brand of sensational journalism, Bachmann realizes that he has to choose between a career as a reporter and his own moral values.