Schnee von gestern

Deutschland Israel 2012/2013 Dokumentarfilm


Farewell, Herr Schwarz

Documentary on Jewish siblings Michla und Feiv'ke Schwarz. At a young age, both survived the Holocaust and planned to reunite in the Polish town of Lodz. But when their meeting didn't take place, each of them thought that the other had died. In this tragic belief, their ways separated forever. While Michla started a family in Israel, her brother Feiv'ke moved to Germany – and of all places, he settled in the town where he was previously held captive in a concentration camp. There he changed his name and eventually married a German woman.

Decades later, Michlas granddaughter – who has relocated to Berlin – finds hints which eventually lead her to her great-uncle's story. Alas, the two siblings could not be reunited, for Feiv'ke passed away in 1987 and Michla died in 2001. Nevertheless, the granddaughter continues her research by visiting the town where her great-uncle lived and interviewing friends and relatives.



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  • Originaltitel (DE) Schnee von gestern
  • Originaltitel (IL) Heye Shalom, Peter Schwarz
  • Weiterer Titel (eng) Farewell Herr Schwarz



96 min
HD, 16:9
Farbe, Dolby

Aufführung (DE): 31.10.2013, Leipzig, IFF;
Kinostart (DE): 10.04.2014


Cottbus Film Festival 2013
  • DIALOG – Preis für die Verständigung zwischen den Kulturen
FBW 2013
  • Dokumentarfilm des Monats
  • Prädikat: besonders wertvoll
DOK Leipzig 2013
  • Defa-Förderpreis
IFF Haifa 2013
  • Bester Dokumentarfilm