Marek Edelman... Und es gab Liebe im Ghetto

Polen Deutschland 2019 Spielfilm


Marek Edelman...and there was Love in the Ghetto

One of the last survivors of the Warsaw ghetto revolt, Marek Edelman (1919–2009) often asked himself over the course of his life why the theme of love in the ghetto was never properly treated. Shortly before Edelman’s death, Jolanta Dylewska sought to rectify this by creating an empathetic film together with (since deceased) venerable master Andrzej Wajda. In sprawling passages, Edelman recounts love stories from the ghetto, which Dylewska clothes in poetic images, combined adeptly with archival footage. A film about the power of love, which even in dark times is capable, if only for fleeting moments, of providing a sense of safety and comfort.

Source: goEast film festival 2020


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  • Originaltitel (DE) Marek Edelman... Und es gab Liebe im Ghetto
  • Originaltitel (PL) Marek Edelman... I była miłość w Getcie
  • Weiterer Titel (ENG) Marek Edelman... And there was Love in the Ghetto



80 min
Farbe + s/w, Dolby

Veröffentlichung: 08.05.2020 - 11.05.2020, goEast on Demand