Korallengärten. Impressionen unter Wasser

Deutschland 2002 Dokumentarfilm


"Korallengärten. Impressionen unter Wasser" (Underwater Impressions) is nothing more than a filmed underwater world. After working as a dancer, actress and director Leni Riefenstahl became a photographer and – already well advanced in years – devoted herself to deep-sea diving. Apart from several photo books, Riefenstahl made this short documentary movie of her underwater shots shortly before her death. This also was her first work as a director after a hiatus of more than fifty years. The film depicts the colourful underwater world without any narration and is only accompanied by the music of Giorgio Moroder. Again, Riefenstahl′s aesthetics are in the centre of attention as she had already glorified alpine scenery, the human body, and Hitler′s fascism in her earlier movies.



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Uraufführung (DE FR): August 2002, ARTE


  • Originaltitel (DE) Korallengärten. Impressionen unter Wasser




Uraufführung (DE FR): August 2002, ARTE