Der Schein trügt - Eine Expedition in die Rätsel des Geldes

Deutschland 2009 Dokumentarfilm


In What We Trust - An Expedition into the Riddles of Money

In money all that is solid melts into air. Be it sex, potatoes or weapons, the alchemical substance called money can transform anything into anything else. Humanity′s most consequential invention is both brilliant and fatal, says former central banker and money researcher, Bernard Lietaer. "It turns the mind into a pretzel."

A magical substance that can mean anything and yet has no value. It is created from nothing, multiplies exponentially and takes its value from its scarcity. Poverty guarantees its value: If everyone had enough money, it would have no worth.

The philologist Jochen Hoerisch dissects financial terminology and discovers religion. And no wonder. Both are matters of faith. Bernard Lietaer is convinced that the current challenges to humanity cannot be solved within the monopolistic monetary system.

His vision is being realized in a favela on the edge of Brazil′s Fortaleza. A second, homemade currency, the palmas, has given this poor quarter a flourishing economy. Self-printed money doesn′t only function, it often functions better than its counterpart.

Paul Singer, Brazil′s State Secretary of Solidarity-Based Economy puts his finger on it: "We have to regain power over our money."

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97 min
Farbe, Dolby


  • Originaltitel (DE) Der Schein trügt - Eine Expedition in die Rätsel des Geldes



97 min
Farbe, Dolby