Wojciech Marczewski

Director, Screenplay
Lodz, Polen


Wojciech Marczewski was born in 1944 in Lodz/Poland. After his studies in History and Philosophy, he studied Directing at the Academy for Theater, Television and Film in Poland. He currently works as a graphic artist, screenplay writer, and film and television director. Since 1984, he has been a member of the teaching faculty at the National Film and Television Academy in Copenhagen, and instructed at the National Film and Television Academy of Great Britain from 1992-1994. He has led numerous directing, writing and acting workshops in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark and Poland.


In addition to his feature films, he has directed numerous television films. His films include: "The Anatomy Lesson" (1968), "Travellers like other ones" (1969), "Departures, Returns" (1970-1972), "Easter" (1975), "Whiter than snow" (1976), "Nightmares" (1977), "Keyskeeper" (1978), "Shivers" (1979), "Escape from "The Liberty" Cinema" (1991), "Time of Treachery" (1997), and "Weiser" (2000), among others.

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  • Director
  • Screenplay