Cast, Director, Screenplay
Kelč, Mähren, Tschechoslowakei (heute Tschechien)


Jasny Vojtech is a central figure of the Czech New Wave. He entered the acclaimed Prague film school (FAMU) in its inaugural year, worked in documentaries with early collaborator Karel Kachyna, and began turning out fiction features in the mid-1950s. Jasny"s first solo feature, "September Nights" (1957), is generally considered a seminal work of the New Wave. His other films include: "Desire" (1958), "Cassandra Cat" (1963), which won a Special Jury Prize at Cannes and remains the director"s best known work in the West, "All My Good Countrymen" (1968), which won Best Director honors at Cannes in 1969, the 20-minute "Czech Rhapsody" (1969), a 1976 adaptation of Heinrich Böll"s "The Clown" ("Ansichten eines Clowns", 1976), "The Great Land of Small" (1987) and "Which Side Eden" (1999).

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