Weitere Namen
Evelyn Hildegard Renziehausen (Geburtsname) Evelyn Renziehausen-Hubschmid (Weiterer Name)
Berlin Berlin


Eva Renzi - Actress

Eva Renzi was born as Evelyn Renziehausen in Berlin on November 3rd 1944. Her father was a Danish mayonnaise manufacturer, while her mother hailed from France. At the age of 17, she enrolled at the Ufa drama school, giving her stage debut in 1962. She acted in plays directed by the legendary Erwin Piscator, before she was discovered for the movies by journalist and filmmaker Will Tremper in 1965. In Tremper"s popular feature film "Playgirl", Renzi played the young model Alexandra Borowski, who roams the streets of the vibrant Berlin of the 1960s looking for love.


The film made the attractive actress an overnight success, and she was subsequently cast for international productions like the espionage thriller "Funeral in Berlin". In 1967, Renzi married the 27 years older Paul Hubschmid (one of her screen partners in "Playgirl"); the marriage was frequently scandalized in the yellow press and was officially divorced in 1980.

In the early 1970s, Renzi"s now floundering film career consisted mostly of supporting roles in European co-productions. Therefore, she got far more public attention for her several month-long trip to India in 1973, and her later TV-talkshow revelations about her experiences with the infamous Bhagwan sect in Puna caused quite a stir. At the end of the 1980s, the feisty actress enjoyed a comeback on the small screen, as a guest star in popular TV-programmes like "Peter Strohm" and "Das Erbe der Guldenburgs". Renzi also returned to the stage, and convinced audiences and critics alike with her performances. Renzi"s daughter Anouschka Renzi (born in 1964) is also working as an actress.

On August 16th 2005, Eva Renzi succumbed to cancer at the age of 60.