Director, Screenplay, Producer
Arlon, Belgien


Benoit Lamy was born in Arlon, Belgium, on 19 September 1945 and graduated from I.A.D. in 1967. He was an intern on Pasolini"s "Oedipus Rex" in Italy in 1968 and founded his company Lamy Films in 1976. Among the films his company has (co-) produced are Pierre Joassin"s "Gros Coeurs" (1986), Mary Jimenez"s "L"Air De Rien" (1989), Rosa Verges" "Boom Boom" (1990), and F»érid Boughédir"s "Une Eté à la Goulette" (1995). Serving as president of the Belgian producers" association U.P.F.F. from 1988-91, Lamy has directed such films as "Home Sweet Home" (1972), "Jambon d"Ardenne" (1977), "Go!"(1981/82) and "Wild Games" (Combat de Fauves, 1996).

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH



  • Director
  • Screenplay
  • Producer