The Concept of is a unique endeavour. Its concept and its mission statement are as follows: conceives film history as a dynamic process. New ways of connecting and communicating previously inaccessible, scattered or mixed media contents have been made possible by the internet. There are various options for the users of to actively explore the past and present of film in Germany. comprehensibly reflects the complex development of German film from its beginnings to the present, inviting users to set out on an explorative journey through film history. wants to create transparency. Through the portal, Deutsches Filminstitut and its partners grant the public access to exclusive collections and data which has been accumulated over decades. Information before only known to experts will be made accessible; furthermore, wants to stimulate a sustainable dialogue between archives, academics, film industry and users interested in film. addresses all user groups interested in film. In order to communicate the expertise regarding German film competently, reliably and in a way comprehensible to everyone, the depth of information is structured to suit the different users' needs. This flexible principle of modularization enables users to independently access all the portal's text and data-bases according to their individual interests. is committed to neutrality. Editorial contributions such as synopses, news or thematic texts strive for objectivity. The current selection of contemporary reviews reflects the film historical relevance of films, persons and facts. The films included in the portal have to comply with a certain set of criteria. (You will find these more closely specified under "What is a German film?"). offers information free of charge. This conforms to the aims of the Deutsche Filminstitut and its partners and sponsors. Likewise, the extension of the present portal will be free of charge. Yet there may be certain services in the future that require payment.

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